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SEV provides teachers with access to Multimedia files relevant to VCE National Politics, International Studies and Sociology. These files include keynote addresses and workshop presentations delivered at SEV professional learning activities. Some audio files of student lectures are also available.

SEV's most recent multimedia is now being housed in the members section.

An archive of older multimedia material is available here.


Dr Ben MacQueen - 'The Arab Spring Uprisings'. 16 September.
Video (MP4 - 124MB)

David Manne - 'The refugee and asylum seeker debate'. 16 September.
Video (MP4 - 88MB)

Lou Spanos - 'Economic Instability for Non Economists ' . 16 September.
Video (MP4 - 138MB)

VCE Australian Foreign Policy Student Lecture: 5 August
Ron Anderson - 'Problems and Tensions in Australia’s National Interests'
Visuals (PowerPoint - 0.2MB)
Notes (Word doc - 0.3MB)

VCE International Studies Student Lecture: 13 May
Dr Scott Burchill - 'Globalisation and Internationalism'
Audio (MP3 - 18.8MB)
Notes (PDF - 0.1MB)
Prof Richard Tanter - 'Global Conflicts: Leaving Afghanistan'
Audio (MP3 - 14.2MB)
Notes (PowerPoint - 1.8MB)
Anna-Louise Simpson - 'Overview of China in 2011'
Audio (MP3 - 12.6MB)
Notes (PowerPoint - 2.7MB)

Meet the International Studies Assessor: 21 Mar
Anna-Louise Simpson - (Assessor) *** unfortunately the final section of audio/video was lost ***
Video (MP4 - 83.9MB)
Audio only (MP3 - 28.7MB)
Dr Pradeep Taneja - (Speaker)
Video (MP4 - 116.4MB)
Audio only (MP3 - 39MB)


International Politics: 20 Aug
Jeremy Brennan - Climate Change
Audio (MP4 - 16.0MB)
Notes (PowerPoint format - 6.0MB)
Dr Adam Clulow - The International Community
Audio (MP4 - 21.5MB)
Notes (PowerPoint format - 2.5MB))
Dr Benjamin MacQueen - Arab-Israeli Conflict
Audio (MP4 - 17.9MB)
Notes (PowerPoint format - 13.1MB)

Australian Foreign Policy Forum: 6 Aug
Daniel Flitton - Australian Foreign Policy
Audio (MP4 - 14.7MB) *** note: there was some loss of audio during Daniel's speech
Dr David Mickler - Security Issues and Foreign Policy
Audio (MP4 - 10.6MB)
Notes (PowerPoint format)
Dr Scott Burchill - Economic Dimensions of Foreign Policy
Audio (MP4 - 19.0MB)
Notes (PDF format)
Ron Anderson - History and Objectives of Australian Foreign Policy
Audio (MP4 - 10.1MB)
Notes (PowerPoint format)

International Studies: 14 May
Prof Joseph Siracusa - Globalisation & Internationalism
Audio - speech (MP4 - 13.6MB)
Audio - questions (MP4 - 4.6MB)
Tim Keys - Global Conflicts
Audio - speech (MP4 - 17.3MB)
Audio - questions (MP4 - 2.1MB)
Dr Dennis Woodward - Power in the Asia-Pacific region
Audio - speech (MP4 - 14.2MB)
Audio - questions (MP4 - 3.2MB)

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